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I have the exact same menu on my LAX-LHR flight in mid June. I opted for the beef and my wife opted for the risotto, so I will try to report back after our flight if I remember.

I was in PE from LAX to HKG on Saturday and there was a slight difference in the food between PE and Y in that specific dishes on the cart were designated as PE meals (the dishes themselves were slightly larger and ceramic), but I have no idea if the food was any different.
back from the UK flights. No pictures I’m afraid, but my wife and I both agreed that the beef was the winner here (well, not the loser would be an apt description) The risotto was strange in that the rice was one side of the dish and the squash was on the other side of the plate. Usually, you would expect a risotto to be all cooked together. That said, my wife said that the butternut squash itself was nice, but the rice was lacking. As for the beef, it was rather tender and moist. The pasta wasn’t too bad, except for the pieces that were out of the sauce as those were baked to a crisp.

We were lucky to have our miles + copay upgrades go through on the return, so came back in J and the food was truly awful. I went with the roast lamb and it resembled a brown tasteless sponge. My wife had the miso glazed chicken and ate even less of her meal than I did of the lamb. We raided the J snacks when the FA set up the area a few hours after lunch was served.
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