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Originally Posted by ecaarch View Post
Totally agree. But I like them because they are great for packing my granola bars to keep them from being broken. (Geez, doesn't that sound like a ringing endorsement?)

No earplugs in the new kits is a major error. I can't imagine that they cost that much.
That's a great idea. I have been keeping my granola bars crumbs in a Ziploc bag, but when they go from backpack to computer bag to other mode of transport, they have a rough go.

When I saw the press release, I did notice that earplugs were a notable omission from the D1 kit, but figured it was just forgotten or not important enough. Guess they assume the headphones suffice. I am sure you could always ask for one of the Y amenity kits that have them - there has got to be spares lying around.
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