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Originally Posted by jp-mco View Post
Thank you for posting this - we will be doing our EOA interview when we arrive in ATL next month. So is there no signposted Global Entry line? All the documentation suggests that there will be signs everywhere and people who know where to direct you.
LOL, I wish. the only signage Before the "line" was one that said Global Entry Kiosk. They had an agent at the start of those seatbelt cordoned area who was directing traffic.
Once we made it to agent #2 , behind him was a sign that said Global Entry, but the section was cordoned off. What I should've done is said I have Global Entry and they probably would've opened the line at that point.

Or, like we went through last time (no mention of Mobile Passport, etc.) we just ducked under the lines and found the "lane" for Mobile Passport.

It's not like DFW where there are clearly marked lanes as to what is for what. They have these agent that are yelling at everyone basically saying "connecting flights, this line, everyone else, that line). And there were only two lines/entry points.

Now, once you made it past the Kiosks, THEN an agent was taking people over to Mobile Passport, etc.

Perhaps it was because it was a Tuesday? and not very busy?
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