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Originally Posted by T8191 View Post
All that compares nicely with the c. 1.5% on our Mil pensions, and similar on our State pensions, and c. 1.5% on savings income too. I guess we could ‘change jobs’, come out of retirement, and stack supermarket shelves.

I wish there was an OAP’s Union who could organise some way for the millions of us to cause major disruption to other peoples’ lives.
With respect, I'd love to know who in the South East of England can afford to save, let alone draw what could be classified as an income on said interest earning and be living sufficiently without additional means on a £28k salary.

As for pensions, my employer wouldn't even let me join the company one until I was 30 so I set about a private one when I started work aged 19. Long before I was even eligible to join they'd replaced it with some stakeholder rubbish. And even the legacy final salary one which I couldn't join has now been dispanded. I believe even BA have stopped final salary and have now also been sold the stakeholder rubbish with optional personal contributions. I don't recall strikes over that one.... it was accepted by the unions it had to be done in a time where the pension defect needed closing. It's approaches like that that soon get forgotten and employees are labeled as ungrateful when they say no more cuts.
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