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Originally Posted by nk15 View Post
Unbelievable….Boeing is fighting simulator training for the new "fixed" MCAS, and want one hour of ipad training instead.


I don't think they have learned anything from all this, or they really care about safety....
They’ve learned something, but arguably not enough.

Part of the issue is simulator cost. The entirety of AA offers one static simulator and one MIA based dynamic sim to be delivered later this year, iirc. Airlines don’t like to buy non-productive expensive equipment, aircraft manufacturers don’t make much on them, there’s no economy of scale.

AA pilots are pushing for simulator training, and it looks like AA pilots will at least get duty time to book MIA sim time. (A sim at DFW? A shared sim or two for AA and WN in the DAL-DFW area might be worth thinking about, even if that’s not Kosher at all. Maybe a division of Boeing or a third party operator open to all airlines with MAX aircraft?
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