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Just for the purpose of putting things into perspective I've decided to do a very un-English thing to do, i.e. talk about personal pay.

Let's assume there's 5,000 Mixed Fleet crews (over a total of 14,000 crews).

Let's assume that all MF crews are paid the highest amount mentioned by the airline, i.e. 28,000 p.a (amount I don't believe in the slightest, being married to a MF main crew member and having seen her P60s for the past four years). A 4% increase for next year would cost the airline 5.6m for MF. Please somebody let me know if my mental maths are correct. Arguably it'd be more expensive for WW and Flight crews, but to put things into perspective the combined pay of the CEO and CFO of IAG was, for 2018, 4.6m. And we haven't even added the other MC members, the non exec Board members, Alex and his MC...

Now, I don't mean to say that equal pay should be given to everyone; I'm not an idiot. But there is a very large divide between those at the coal face and those who aren't, and it's truly evident even in mid-to-high managerial positions (Band 1 and 2). This ought to be addressed, it hasn't, and it's at the root of a lot of the angst that is leading to a strike on the 'centenary'. Once again, well done Mr Cruz.

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