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ATL "process"

Hopefully this helps someone here avoid the mess we just had at ATL.

Arrived ATL from CUN around 5:30 p.m. Our flight didn't *board* until 8:30 p.m. so 3 hours.
There was *no* signage for Global Entry on arrival, Mobile Passport, etc. There was ONE sign for Global Entry Kiosk.
The *first* agent we saw, we told we have Global Entry Upon Arrival and need our interview. She tells us to go through the "middle" line (there's only one line, BTW).
2nd agent (before we've even gotten more than a few hundred feet), we say the same thing (because now there's a sign to a CLOSED lane that says: Global Entry). He says continue on the single and only lane/line.
The Third agent (maybe 50 feet) is at the Kiosk area we explain the SAME thing. She says we'll use the Kiosk here, and then get our bags and go to Terminal F for the interview.
We get our Kiosk stuff, go to the line and a FOURTH agent is there, wanting to look at our receipts, we explain *again*, we have been conditionally approved for Global Entry upon Arrival and need our interview. She says stay in this line, she can't pull us out, because we don't have Mobile Passport. OK, line isn't long.
A few minutes later, we get a 5th CBP agent, get there, and explain AGAIN.

This time, he's like "what are you doing here? come with me" and walks us over like 50 feet to the Global Entry line and talks to Agent in Booth #4 , who apparently is the interview person. Oh, but she's "just going on break", can we wait 30 minutes? Yes, we have 3 hours.
Well then she gabs with the other agents for another 15 minutes,then goes on the break. Then she comes back and spends another 15 minutes doing something (she took our passports before she left for break). I assumed she was looking up the info in the system. We were never once asked for the letter, PASSID, or driver's license's.
Interview for 2 took about 30 minutes. Mainly because she kept getting interrupted by other passengers (really?) and other CBP agents.

We finally got out of there at 7:30, and then got the mess of the TSA Pre-check, but whatever.

So I'd say had we known we could've just gone up to the Global Entry line, we probably could've gotten in just before she took her break (took about 15-20 minutes to get through everything until we got to her).

Thank god we asked multiple agents, else we would've ended up in Terminal F trying to get an interview and probably wouldn't have gotten one.
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