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Originally Posted by IAN-UK View Post
Ok, back to Manchester - literally

Now Frankfurt isn't the most efficient of airports, and boarding for apron-parked flights there can be a bit of a scrum, but MAN was an embarrassment. Lord know what any new visitors made of their introduction to the UK.

I was among the first off the flight from FRA, in a bit of a rush for my train, but a door slammed in our face as we got off the airbridge, and we had to wait while a Heraklion-bound flight boarded. After that it was the usual down the stairs, up the stairs, and along the corridor to join the queue for passports.

Then, of course, the lifts up from the terminal to the station walkway were not working, and the escalator was under maintenance, The stairway door was open though ....but no change to static condition of the moving walkways leading to the statiom.

But it's OK. The train had been cancelled...
Welcome back !
MAN is a National disgrace...... you must be very keen to return again
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