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Originally Posted by worldwidedreamer View Post
This is a legal question, and I'm not a lawyer. If in court I feel comfortable that a judge would look favorably upon my evidence, and don't see why the airlines would not be able to provide additional documentation with a subpoena, but of course every plaintiff feels that way. For what it is worth I hope not to end up in court.

If AA wanted to kill the lifetime program, their opportunity was during Ch 11 when it could be argued we were unsecured creditors.

For what it is worth, I'm still using my c. 2005 Admirals Club card as they have yet to send a replacement. Staff often comment that I'm one of the few with working cards bearing the old five star logo.
As it happens, I am a lawyer, but I do not mean to suggest that I will give you lawyer-client legal advice on FT. I only suggest that you consider asserting yourself, legally, with these airlines as they make substantial changes to their access policies regarding lifetime club members. If you don't have the original contracts for your lifetime memberships, you could ask the airlines for the terms. They surely have the contracts.
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