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Originally Posted by BenA View Post
For reference, the MD-88/MD-90 fleet is a combined 112 frames. There are also 60 A320s with an average age of over 20 years. So considering Delta's narrowbody replacement needs in the short to medium term - especially factoring in the aging 757 fleet - there's definitely plenty of space for an additional order.

At this point, the NMA is still years away, and the 757s aren't going to last forever. It's not hard to imagine a small conversion/top up order of A321XLR to give Delta some additional long and thin route flexibility, to tide them over until the NMA is launched and keep other airlines from eating their lunch in the meantime. If that was a conversion from existing frames, it could even open up the ability to place an opportunistic fire sale order for some 737MAX.
I doubt DL will touch the 737MAX -- I certainly have no plans to fly on one ever (if I can avoid it) and DL is in a strong position as the only US major without any 737 MAX planes which at this point in time is a strategic advantage both with consumers and operationally
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