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Trying to organize an interesting solo trip with $2500

Recently I managed to have some more free time and I saved up a bit of money to be able to take a fun trip somewhere. I saved a little above $2500 - so far, I've only been flying across Europe, visited a few capitals within and that's basically it. Now I wanted to do something more interesting that spending a few days in yet another capital so I started looking at more distant locations and such that would allow me to stay for a bit longer than a few days (if it was possible, something around a month would be perfect though something shorter is also OK if it's that much interesting - I just wouldn't want to eat everything up within a week ).

I don't have any high demands with regards to accomodation, I am fully aware that with such a money I won't be spending my nights in palaces so I'm OK with hostel rooms and such, as long as they're clean (I would just rather they were private but all things considered I'd be down with spending part of the travel in coeds too ). It'd also be nice if there wasn't a sweltering heat all around cause I'm not too keen on extreme temperatures. I'm pretty free time-wise now so basically anything goes with respect to dates - may be in a week, may be in three months (though it'd be cool if it was sooner rather than later and not a trip for 6 months from now ). Ah - also, I'm going to be travelling solo so it'd be cool if safety wasn't on the levels of Libya

I did my research and so far it looks like the best choice would probably be SE Asia? For example, a typical route consisting of some subset of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Birma. It seems like money-wise a month there would be within the budget, and without looking at every dollar 5 times before spending it. These are a bit problematic temperature-wise, though, cause from what I saw, the weather in Thailand tends to be in the 30s even during the "colder" part of the year, which start a few months from now - and as I said, it'd be good if I didn't have to postpone the travel to eternity (and when the alternative is 40+ temps or monsoon, it gets problematic ).

USA would be great but it seems to me like it'd be mighty hard to comfortably fit into this budget for a longer time. Similar thing with different Asian destinations like Japan or Korea. Iceland seemed very interesting to me but the prices there are pretty wild and when comparing 2 weeks in Iceland to a month in SE Asia, the latter certainly sounds more tempting in the "trip of a lifetime" category I was also wondering that maybe some kind of an RTW trip would be possible in this budget though I'm a bit scared that constant one-way flights are going to eat up my budget really, really fast when compared to something more stationary.

Having said all that, that's why I decided to turn to people way more experienced in travelling - what would you recommend in this budget? Maybe there's something I haven't even thought about? Or maybe you have some input regarding the stream of consciousness above and I'm wrong about some of the destinations I talked about?

EDIT: Also, I'm based in Poland - completely forgot to mention that, adding it in after @Romelle's remark, thanks!

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