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Originally Posted by HardToConcentrate View Post
Hello all! I have a question, my husband and I will be staying here again in a couple of weeks.

Friends (Husband and wife with 9 year old, smart as a whip, very well behaved son) of ours are coming from Liverpool to join us on the weekend. We originally booked rooms at a different hotel for the weekend as Bankside would be too pricey. Now the rates are better and I can use points for one of the rooms.

Everything would be under my name and on my account. As a Diamond, would we all receive executive lounge access? I’ve not booked two rooms at a time before. I searched a bit, but thought it would be best to ask my Bankside regulars.

If not, no worries. Figured it was worth an ask.

Thank you you for your knowledge and time. I appreciate it.
Originally Posted by whimsey21 View Post

i booked two rooms as Diamond two summers ago and the they gave me lounge access for the whole family (2 adults and 2 kids). After booking, I emailed the Bankside to ask if they’d extend lounge access to both rooms and they agreed to do so- if having the lounge matters to you, I’d suggest reaching out in advance.
Just as another datapoint, I've had a few stays with 2 rooms booked in my name and had lounge access for occupants of both rooms granted without making any specific request for this. Admittedly these were a few years ago and obviously there is no guarantee. FWIW, if you were going to ask the hotel about this, it might be best to ask before making the booking.

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