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Originally Posted by IAN-UK View Post
Lufthansa delayed: no chance of connection at FRA, but LH refuse to reroute through LHR/BA, or indeed any other combination. So that'll be 24 hours late into Sao Paulo.

And it gets worse at FRA - valiant attempt to make the connection, but with absolutely ZERO assistance from the airline. The C-gate shuttle bus takes me to B. I finally make it to C but the hope of a seat on the Rio flight evaporates.
According to yesterday’s LH947 arrived 32 mins late at 21:27 (ANS bus gate) and LH500 departed 5 mins late at 22:20 from C. The transfer time of 80 mins was reduced to 48 mins but possibly doable if the Skyline was running or if the flight arrived at a B gate followed by a walk to the departure gate in C.

Let’s hope LH doesn’t come back with a stupid response that the misconnect was FRAport/the passenger’s fault.
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