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Originally Posted by IAN-UK View Post
Another black day at MAN. The airport is an embarrassment.
  • Escalators at the station not working
  • Walkways/travelators between station and T1 not working
  • Mini escalator into the terminal proper not working and fenced off
  • Airside walkways not working
  • Lounge wifi doesn't connect with my android phone. They tell me it's known problem, they're working on it. (but its been known for over a year ....)
which sets the mood for the next disappointment:
  • Lufthansa delayed: no chance of connection at FRA, but LH refuse to reroute through LHR/BA, or indeed any other combination. So that'll be 24 hours late into Sao Paulo.
And it gets worse at FRA - valiant attempt to make the connection, but with absolutely ZERO assistance from the airline. The C-gate shuttle bus takes me to B. I finally make it to C but the hope of a seat on the Rio flight evaporates.

Shunted off to the Steigenberger for an overnight. Booted out at midday ("Lufthansa refuses to pay us for day use") so 10 hours to kick my heels the airport.

The joys of being a Lufhansa Senator (with those all-important two stars )!

Sorry about the rant.
Well, at least from C, the trek to the Steigenberger is a bit shorter...

I am a bit surprised there wasn't more effort to re-route you and/or otherwise expedite your transfer to your long-haul connection (but perhaps not overly so, given the quality of the staffing at many outstations these days), and yes, it does seem that most folks in FRA who even feign to be customer-oriented go home early in the day, so perhaps it is not so surprising there was no help expediting your connection.

Fair winds on the rest of your journey.
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