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Originally Posted by Smiley90 View Post
I am 95% sure that this is NOT true.

Global Entry is only included in NEXUS if you apply for it from Canada/as a Canadian, I remember reading about that back in the day. Trying to find info now.

In the US, NEXUS&Global Entry are separate programs and AFAIK you need to pay the extra GE fee. Someone from the US side of things might be able to assist with this.

edit: reading is super confusing, I'm not sure what's true anymore. All I know is that if you apply from the Canadian side, you get both. If you apply from the US side, I'm not sure and I'd wait for advice from someone who's applied from the US side.
Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Please refer to the DHS chart which I liked above: "Includes Global Entry benefits."
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