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Assuming that you could have got it for 79 per person extra back at the time that you booked the ticket, the cost of 139 per person probably simply reflects the fact that a change fee is payable on top of the fare difference. The change fee on this ticket is probably 60, and that would exactly account for the difference between 79 and 139.

There are a lot of people who don't buy a ticket in the cabin in which they really want to travel, in the hope that a POUG or an AUP will let them upgrade on the cheap. It's fine if you're prepared to play that game and take the risk that you'll never be able to upgrade on the cheap. The airline has a real incentive to make sure that you can't rely on it, otherwise everyone would simply always buy the cheaper ticket and then upgrade on the cheap. But if it doesn't work, then you either have to travel as booked, or you have to resign yourself to the fact that upgrading is going to cost more now than if you had just paid for the ticket in the higher cabin to begin with.
Absolutely right. And that's what I'll do Suck it up or stay where I am. Either or, it's hardly going to kill me
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