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Likely *full* use made of the autopilot - it does and will take a lot for the 747 fleet team to produce a safety case for this to go ahead. Pilots will likely be senior trainers.
I wouldn't be dogmatic about this but having done some of this sort of stuff in the past, admittedly 20 odd years ago, I very much doubt the full use of automation especially with the other aircraft in close formation. I cannot remember if the Jumbo has CWS in roll or not but that was the preferred method used, with Alt Hold as the pitch mode. This effectively prevented unexpected or unannounced turns with sharp turn commencement, a 9 ship around a big aircraft needs time and slow starts for any manoeuvre attempted, not least for the safety of the big aircraft, whose occupants do not have the Martin Baker let down system if it all goes wrong. Hand flying also mitigates against some of these things
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