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Iíve been watching some vlogs that cabin crew make. They mostly concern US-based cabin crew.

On query I had relating to BA is the procedure for crew boarding their plane.

At LHR, you often see the crew going to their plane together presumably from the staff area. What happens at outstations? How early can the crew board? Are there rules etc? Can crew board separately and does someone check their ID? Is the senior crew member responsible?

What about when crew want to do duty free shopping etc?
Crew normally stick together, I think Mixed Fleet have no choice, they have to! Gatwick and Eurofleet aren't so strict. Pilots will try and walk out with the crew unless they still need to brief and vice-versa. ID's not always checked as you've already gone through security to get airside.

There is sometimes time for duty free on a turn-around at places like Gibraltar.
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