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The Reds will formate on the Jumbo, they have the skills,the practice and the aircraft with the agility to do it. The jumbo will probably be hand flown or use very basic autopilot inputs. The Jumbo must not do any unannounced or unpredictable manoeuvres so turn entry needs to be smooth and gentle not sudden or initiated without due warning. This is most easily achieved by hand flying. There may well be a member of the Reds on the Jumbo flight deck to co-ordinate and " lead" the formation, I'm not certain of that though. There will be meetings and liaison between the pilots flying the Jumbo and the Reds, and the BA pilots are likely to be ex military themselves so not unfamiliar with the procedures and skills required
Likely *full* use made of the autopilot - it does and will take a lot for the 747 fleet team to produce a safety case for this to go ahead. Pilots will likely be senior trainers.
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