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Originally Posted by AC319 View Post
Thanks to everyone for the information and suggestions ! Apologies for the typo in my original post - Monterey regional airport in California is MRY of course (not MYR) - MRY being the code I meant to type when later abbreviated following first asking specifically about Monterey, CA, which is not too far from Oakland.

I can now understand that the chartered Air Canada A319 that flew YYZ-SFO-YYZ on Friday and Saturday could well have been ferrying fans or media, etc for NBA Game 4 on Friday night. What I still don't understand is why the same AC aircraft would have flown to MRY on Sunday night !?

To recap and clarify:

Friday June 7 - AC 7027 (an A319 all-business configuration which I initially assumed was sent to fetch the Raptors team) flies YYZ-SFO
Friday night - basketball finals Game 4 (at Oakland)
Saturday June 8 - AC 7028 (same plane as above) SFO-YYZ
Sunday night June 9 - AC 7027 (same plane) YYZ-MRY
Monday night June 10 - basketball finals Game 5 (at Toronto)

Any further thoughts on why the AC A319 charter would be sitting on the tarmac at the regional airport in Monterey, CA (albeit near Oakland) ?

Thanks again for your help with my curiosity !
Canadian Open golf finished Sunday.
US Open is this week in Pebble Beach
Players? Probably chartered by Golf Canada to get a bunch of players from the Canadian Open down to the US Open. In past seasons, they had to charter a plane to get them from the Birtish Open to the Canadian open. This changed as our tourney was moved up, but to get some serious players to attend (the tier below Rory who have their own NetJets contract), they usually cut a deal to give them transportation.
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