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Iíve been watching some vlogs that cabin crew make. They mostly concern US-based cabin crew.

On query I had relating to BA is the procedure for crew boarding their plane.

At LHR, you often see the crew going to their plane together presumably from the staff area. What happens at outstations? How early can the crew board? Are there rules etc? Can crew board separately and does someone check their ID? Is the senior crew member responsible?

What about when crew want to do duty free shopping etc?
Worldwide and Euro Fleet are all very independent. Mostly they all do their separate thing after their briefing and meet at the gate or onboard the aircraft. They do often go shopping or go the get food etc.
Mixed fleet however are much stricter. Its very rare for them to separate unless they have a long wait between flights at Heathrow. Usually they stay together all the way from Security to the gate and even after flights they stay together all the way until exiting arrivals where they can go their separate ways.
Crew usually board at -45 for SH or -60 to -50 for LH.
At outstations crew normally all stay together as its not our hub airport and every airport has different procedures. Once crew arrive at an outstation from the hotel coming back to LHR then timings are a bit more tight its usually arrive at the airport and straight to the aircraft.
Iíve seen some of the US flight attendants vlogs too and dont know how they find the time to do them.
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