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Originally Posted by dmodemd View Post
Your companion must be on the same PNR. There is a "linking" process between PNRs but it is for reference only and does not do anything for upgrades.
Companion is also MVPG so would be in the same queue. Most likely behind poster if booked shortly afterwards on the separate PNR.

It is unusual (shouldn't happen) that a non eligible fare would be upgraded before the 72hr MVPG upgrade window since they are in the MVPG complimentary upgrade request queue, not on the waitlist. If 1U had opened up two weeks prior to departure it should have gone to an eligible fare already waitlisted. If the waitlist was empty, the U should have stayed available for anyone purchasing an eligible fare for their Elite Staus or applying a GGU to a K or higher fare.

For a current reservation on a non-eligible fare the pax has the option to upfare (no change fee if you don't have a waiver) to an eligible fare for their status or to a K or higher fare for GGU application.

I wouldn't complain about a non-eligible fare being upgraded two weeks out. I certainly wouldn't bring it attention either.

For reference, GGUs can be applied to fares starting at K. They can be applied to higher classes as well but at some point the higher fare may already be an eligible fare and the GGU would no longer be reqired.

I was looking at a ANC-ORD itinerary with a companion certificate with 2U open. The lowest fare available was H, which is an eligible fare for instant upgrade for a 75K. If I purchased that flight, I would be upgraded on the Eligible fare and not need GGUs.

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