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Welcome to Flyertalk and welcome to the BA forum, it's good to see you here Southern_Northerner. I hope that we will hear more from you in the future.

At the moment the curtain is in a very particular position - there are enough seats for all passengers, row 1A and C is being kept for Golds, yet with J1 C0 selling buckets that is highly unlikely to happen at this point. On a "couple" route that means they aren't really selling any more Club tickets. It's far more likely that someone will pull out of CE.

In which case you may well be destined for 1A and 1C. Moreover, row 8, which as you say is blocked, may as well be reverted to EuroTraveller since that looks quite busy but there is still scope for a good price - from BA's perspective - sale (Y7 B7 H4 K2). On the other hand they may decide to offer more POUGs to people and push back the curtain further, even though there are some Silver and Gold ET passengers in row 9 and 10 at the moment.

Essentially you best check this every morning to see if they do in fact free up row 8 - which you will then be able to pay for - or make it ET. Either way I suspect at T-48 or OLCI you will be able to select the seats in row 1. Furthermore, the flight is marked as a G-GATx aircraft, whereas at T-72 it may be changed to an aircraft with row 1D and 1F available to it. And again the curtain may move back.

Because CE is selectable at T-48 hrs on many revenue tickets, because of the curtain, because of the seating structure, I really do not see the point in paying for seats in Club Europe. I cannot remember a single CE flight where this caused a significant problem, and only a handful of times where the CSM (in this case) has intervened to help people. Once you are Bronze this issue should be easier for you but in the current situation a Bronze card wouldn't help until the curtain is moved.
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