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Club at Sea.
A Concourse
Seattle – Tacoma International Airport

We had a 2 hour and 40 minute connection in Seattle. As it was breakfast hour, we headed over to Floret Vegetarian restaurant whom had the briefest introduction to Priority Pass, lasting only about two weeks. After they had joined they then decided to withdraw or pause from their participation in the program. They had a sign up indicating not accepting priority pass at the reception. After we had booked this ticket, American Express Centurion also decided to close their lounge for light renovations for a short while. We headed over there to see whether it had been re-opened 6 days after the closure but it was all locked up and dark with not much happening.

We ended up taking breakfast at Wolfgang Puck at the cafeteria restaurant in the B gates area. A smoked Ham and cheese sandwich for me and an Mediterranean egg white omelette for mrswt73.

We ended up trekking the very long distance all the way to the N Concourse to the Club at Sea. My gosh – it’s quite the trek…

Just on arrival, there was a DYKWIA wearing a Netjets black sweater outside talking on his cell phone about how upset at American Express was that there were no lounge for Amex cardholders. I suspect he was a re-positioning pilot.

At the reception to the Club at SEA, a friendly host checked our priority pass membership and we were admitted.

The lounge was quite busy for being in the middle of nowhere. The seating areas were split into 3 places:

Area by the main reception,

Area by the back windows with a view of the Seattle Tramway

Business area behind a wall (not pictured)

There were small snacks available but I was happy that I had gotten breakfast earlier. I would have starved if I had relied solely on what was offered.

All in all, an okay place to visit if you happen to have 3 hours to spare… although I wouldn’t make a trip all the way out to high society here just for a free pepsi. It's probably quicker to take the terminal tram to visit the other Club at SEA in the South Terminal since this version is in the middle of nowhere.
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