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Originally Posted by canadiancow View Post
Maybe it would be worth a robocall if you have more than X miles (where X is probably around 1000) a week before expiry.
I've long switched from AE to UA. It was not a decision I made lightly at the time, but on the whole it's a switch that was worth it for me. For the longest time since, my sole method of accumulating AE miles was from Esso when I bought gas. But they've switched to PC Points now which works for me since most of my grocery shopping is at Loblaws-banded stores.

So even knowing everything I know, and even being as on top of this whole points thing as I am, I was still surprised today when I logged into my Aeroplan account for the first time in forever, to find that my miles will expire in October. There was no notification via email or any other method; just this note after I logged in to my account. In fact, I actually forgot my AE number when I tried to log in - it's been that long since I've used it.

So yes, it is pretty easy to have miles expire without any real notification.

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