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I appreciate everyone weighing in. With 7 people at Baha Mar, we won't be able to use a TSU (maximum capacity is 2 for a suite?), and we'll be squeezing into two rooms or shelling out for a third, so we are thinking we'll just stick with Mayakoba.

However, another crazy idea. Given how expensive the food is at Mayakoba, does it make sense to not use points for one of the rooms, and do the all-inclusive for four of the seven guests?

So, I'd save 140,000 points, but then have the cost for the all-inclusive for two kids and two adults.

If two adults and two kids would normally spend $500 a day worth of food/drinks, the room is essentially free.

As globalist, we get free breakfast so that saves a chunk, but looking at the prices for lunch and dinner, it would does not seem all that hard for an adult to easily spend $100 USD a meal, not including drinks, and the kids meals are all $20 USD a pop as well.

I'm a big eater, and I do enjoy frozen fruity drinks by the pool.

It would mean spending $3500 for the week, but we'd likely spend at least $2,000-$2,500 on food for two adults and two children anyway. Saving 140,000 points would be more than worth the difference.

For those who have been to Mayakoba, when eating on-site, were you spending enough for food and drinks to make $500 a day reasonable for two adults and two kids?
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