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Originally Posted by chollie View Post
What's not clear is how TSA verifies the paperless individual's identity. How do you confirm the name, birth date, home address (outside the US), etc. I suspect the average undocumented immigrants won't have a Costco card with their name, address, photo and birth date - or any other legitimate form of ID that a TSO would recognize.
As stated in the article, TSA is accepting an I-862 (notice to appear in court) as ID. These do not have a photo so it could be anyone presenting it. Of course these people have no US credit history, so the usual method of asking questions from a credit report doesn't work either.

The only security-related purpose of checking IDs is to enforce the no-fly list, and I highly doubt that any refugees coming in from the southern border are going to be on that list, so I don't think this is too much of a concern. Revenue protection for the airlines is their problem, not the government's.
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