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Originally Posted by Boggie Dog View Post
I thought funding for TSA BDO programs had been cutoff by Congress. Is TSA funneling funds from other budget areas to maintain BDO activities?

Big question, aren't BDO activities the very definition of profiling?
Not really.

The word profiling, in the modern parlance, is short for "racial profiling", which is just a fancy name for race-based discrimination.

The BDO program doesn't take race into account. It's based entirely on the pseudo-science of observable behaviors indicating intent. We've all seen the list of 'suspicious' behaviors they use, which is almost entirely made up of totally innocuous, non-suspicious behaviors. It's complete crap, but it's not really profiling.

Of course, BDOs might still allow their personal prejudices influence their selection of 'suspicious,' just as any TSO might when selecting who gets random pat-downs or bag checks. That's profiling, but it's not part of the BDO program.
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