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Originally Posted by needtoescape View Post
Any thoughts on whether it would be a problem if I make a reservation with her free night certificate (I could add my name as an additional guest) and then call IHG to change the reservation to use my certificate once issued?
I would not open that can of worms, but that's me. The closest I would come to this situation is to make the reservation using your sister's free night, then trying to make a reservation using your free night when it becomes available. If successful, then cancel your sister's night. I have no doubt that a competent agent could do what you are suggesting, but I have great doubts about finding the competent agent at the right time.

Would your sister let you use her free night and then you let your sister use your free night? That would seem to be a lot cleaner, as long as the hotel(s) don't get upset about the primary guest not showing up.
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