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Originally Posted by dzdang View Post
Thanks for explaining. I always get confused about insurances coverages, especially since it's been years since I've had auto insurance, and I've never had my own insurance.

Regarding Question 1. I would pay for the rental with my credit card and book it through the University, either with National or Enterprise. The car rental company would designate that my University is covering the insurance on the car. But since I paid for it with my credit card (which does have the normal car rental insurance coverages, but idk how it works in this case), does my credit card also provide another layer of insurance? This is probably a unique question that I should check with my credit card company?
Regarding Question 2. Isn't it usually free to add additional drivers? Or at least it has been in my case. If so, then why would people cheat?
Some car rental companies charge for additional drivers. Hertz, Avis, National don't or usually does not. Some smaller companies sometimes do charge extra for additional drivers.

The credit card's coverage is secondary. If there were a collision, the cost of the rental car damage would be paid for by the University's insurance. If they don't pay or there is no University coverage, then the credit card's program pays. Many credit cards offer primary coverage for car rentals outside the United States. In that case, the credit card's program will pay first before the University's.

Exception is Ireland. Credit card companies that have car rental coverage exclude Ireland. I think they also exclude Greece but I am not sure. The credit card brochure says what countries are excluded. Very few countries are on that list. UK is not on that list of exclusions.
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