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I wouldn't be so sure of that and I recently read (I believe on OMAAT) that Alaska has restrictions for booking flights from Asia, as in you can't book flights within a 3 days window due to fraud prevention. If I were you I'd get my flights taken care of in advance. The likelihood that the AS miles for your return flight will be credited in time and that you find at least two seats in First is pretty much zero. YMMV
If I understand correctly the flights within 3 days limitation and Asia is inter-Asia flights. When doing a search to the US on the Alaska app plenty of flights show up for today and tomorrow.

We we looked at getting tickets now and trying to upgrade to F if the miles post in time and there would be a $125 reticent fee for each of us even if itís an upgrade. Therefore we decided to take the risk. Does anybody think thereís fallacy in the plan?
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