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Originally Posted by exwannabe View Post
Arguably ATL is the most efficient airport ammongst AOS (airports of size)..

I always question to what extent that was pure luck. Did they realize back in the 70s that the then common spoke system has issues? Or were they just trying to fit it in the space so went the T-A-B-C-D linear setup? Do not know.
I also think they got really lucky with the timing of ATL. Had it been earlier, it's likely they wouldn't have gone with 4 parallel runways (did it always have 4?) and now a 5th. Back then, many airports had crosswind runways (i.e. ORD), but with the advent of the jet age, planes became a lot more crosswind tolerant. There are still many major airports in the US that are constrained due to crossing crosswind runways. SFO, LGA, BOS, DCA, etc.
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