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Originally Posted by atwnsw2 View Post
When I looked to buy 2 one-way tickets, the cost was $7k+ total. (When I looked at the roundtrip price, it also was $7k+ ironically).
That's normal. There's a huge premium for one-way travel in many markets, especially international. (Airlines counter that they offer a discount on round-trip travel). This is a way for them to segment business travelers, since leisure travelers don't normally book long-haul one-way flights.

Originally Posted by atwnsw2 View Post
(ie...Is there some sort of upgrade pass that I could trade for that is applicable for these flights)?
Trading for an upgrade is against the rules of both FlyerTalk and United. If there is upgrade space available on your flight, you can buy the coach fare and then use miles + a cash copay to upgrade. However, TLV is typically a difficult upgrade to find.

The only other thing to try is to look for flights that connect inside the US to another destination, and then leave the plane at the transfer point. This can be difficult with checked baggage. This is also contrary to UA's published rules, but as long as you don't make a habit of it, there's unlikely to be a problem.

Good luck!
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