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WJ runs the first 2 flights every morning from YEG to YYC using 737-6/7/800 to shuttle passengers into YYC to connect to their banks of mid morning departures to USA or Caribbean/Mexico. 95% of those people are connecting onward. Same thing at the end of the day - last 2 flights of the evening from YYC to YEG are inbound passengers from other destinations landing into YYC from USA or Mexico. This winter an agent showed me the breakdown of the 900 pm inbound destinations and PHX/CUN being the top destinations each with about 30 people. Another obvious sign is all the passengers carry passports in their hands wearing sandals. From my observation, WJ tends to carry more connecting passengers than AC (more pure YEG/YYC) on this route and may be the reason for not offering same day standby.
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