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London to SFO in First - 1A on British Airways, then onto Kona, Hawaii.

To make the most of my time in the CCR (First Lounge) I left east London at around 5am. I was busy loading songs on my mp3 player the whole night, so didn’t sleep (this helps adjust to the time difference, as one can simply sleep on the plane). The CCR is less magical for morning departures (imaging watching the sunset and ensuing twilight while slightly inebriated and well fed, and gazing upon the wondrous avions before you in a cosy and slightly veiled corner of the Concorde Terrace – heaven) but I was trying out the private cabanas today.

I was shown to my cabana and ordered 3 champagnes so I didn’t have to keep asking (had I forgot I was running on zero sleep?)

I ordered a light healthy meal that was delicious and ordered more alcohol (deary me why!?) I then had my lovely Elemis facial, which is done in a forceful and thorough chair which massages every(!) corner of the body.

I went to the Concorde bar and ordered another LPGS and realised I had to leave. I was a bit late…I got the transport to B gates and legged it. As I got to the gate the very last person was boarding. I think it was about 21 minutes before departure and BA close gates 20 minutes before. So I almost missed the flight lol can you believe, honestly.

The service on board was great, food and champagne fabulous, wine tasting was fun, but BA have the worst wines, honestly they suck. I stuck with the champagne. About 5 hours later I woke up. Dry mouthed and still inebriated. My plates and glasses had somehow been cleared and I was surrounded by all this mysterious fluffy bedding?! I had actually managed to pass out: to pass out in 1A, in First.

I felt like a rabid dog that had been caged all its life and had just been released: The effects of the alcohol, no sleep and the lack of humidity on the 747.

I actually booked this seat very specifically for the fact that the view is very slightly forward out of the window; this is perhaps the most unique commercial aircraft passenger seat in the world.

First class offering for the more liberal

1A is actually a bit more cramped than the other seats in BA first. But it feels more secluded. Because everything comes from “behind you” literally. It does feel rather cocoon like.

The annoying thing about first, and I suppose the upper deck A380, is that they both have a thick canal which separates the cabin glass from the window, making pictures a bit difficult.

One of the most gorgeous sites on the 747 is right at the rear window, specifically at sunset, where you can see the tailpane and the jet stream coming from the engines, the 747 is such a majestic beast.

I was pleased with the entertainment system, plenty of choice. I then had my next set of meals (and more Champagne, despite still being drunk AND hungover: waste not want not)

Next: connecting SFO-LAX with Alaskan in Economy, then LAX-KOA with AA in Main Cabin Extra
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