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Bonvoyed by Marriott for a 7night pakage at Koloa Landing

On 7/2018 I booked 7 nights at Koloa landing in Kauai which was a category 8 at that time for 360k points (60K/night for 6 nights plus 1 free night). Couple of days ago, the hotel cancelled my reservation saying I have insufficient points. I reached out to U.S. Marriott several times (so far 9 times) and the reps have opened 3 cases without any resolution.

I reached out to Marriott Bonvoy Assist twitter team and they are pointing me back to the CSR route. I even spoke to Ambassador desk who had no clue about this whole program. My reservation is on June 7, so I am running against the time now. I'd originally booked the 'Hotel + Plus Air Package 1' for 7 nights @ Category 8 Hotel + 120K Avios for 360K points.

If I convert the old certificate into a new one what will be the code? Will I be able to book the same hotel with the new certificate since points required went up under the new system?

Your responses are highly appreciated.

Update: UK CSR resolved it for me. She attached the correct (new) certificate vs US reps who kept attaching the old certificate.

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