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Originally Posted by NZbutterfly View Post
I transferred 1500 grab points to Singapore Airlines and received a message during the transfer they would expire in 18 months Oct 2020. This makes no sense to me. I thought they would expire after 36 months into the SQ account.
It should be valid for 36 months. The Oct 2020 is just a way for grab to "post" your miles purchase in the grab account until it transfers successfully. Note after you initiate the transfer, the entry stays under "My Rewards" in your Grab app with a "use now" button. You can't actually use the reward now, but it seems as a place holder, together with the expiring date, to leave it there, until the transfer is complete. You also cannot redeem for multiple miles transfer until the current one is complete, this is their (grab) way of ensuring that.

I just did a transfer, Grab app states "valid from 20 Nov 2018 to 10 Oct 2020". Doesn't make sense that my miles expiry starts 6 months earlier, only make sense that the date is just to make the deal valid until 10 Oct 2020, or at least it is coded until this date, as of today.
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