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That really is astonishing on the central air. I've stayed at European hotels that didn't have AC at all and it's miserable in the summer. I remember a big heat wave in Germany in May 1998, when it was well into the 90s F for several days and only into the 70s F at night. Absolutely miserable in the room.

Rates are really cheap in Rome for the first week of August. E$80.00 at the Courtyard, even less the Marriott and two Sheratons out to the west. The Meridian is at E$130.00 a night, but with no AC controls, I'm not going to risk it.
Iíve not stayed in summer: my only experience has been end of winter/ early spring, so maybe the cooling works ok. Certainly there are individual controls in the room: but on all my stays ( at least 4) , they havenít worked.
Those other Sheratonís are way out in the boondocks...there isnít any value out there, IMO, once you factor in your time getting anywhere.
Ä130 is a pretty good rate for the Visconti.
Maybe someone else will have better information about the cooling system in summer.
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