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I’ve also heard this one. I think is also refers to ‘word processors’ being switched off. I think I read in here that these shouldn’t be used anymore.

i’ve heard quite a lot of bad / incoherent announcements recently, wrong type of life jackets (clip or double bow) referred to, ‘find the envelope in your headphone pack’ (on a short haul flight), ‘Please open your window blinds for landing in the event of emergency [full stop] Take nothing with you’ etc - it seems it must be easy to read the wrong one from the iPad when working on different aircraft types and both long and short haul routes. I actually think that an updated set of recorded announcements might be a good idea (like on CityFlyer) but I’m interested in what staff think of this.
There are a set of Pre Recorded Announcements - the problem is that I think it can be a pain to keep them up-to-date and promulgate to crews on which specific aircraft they can use the announcements, for example. On older Airbus' they are literally played from a tape in the Avionics bay! There are some hanging around at Gatwick with Oasis as the boarding music!

The majority of PRA's are automated emergency announcements (EG: Decompression, ditching, emergency landing).

On some aircraft with a touch screen FAP (Flight Attendant Panel) we have welcome on board announcements in a number of different languages.

Problem is.. BA have so many different Airbus configurations!
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