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Originally Posted by IAMORGAN View Post
On another note, I was on an A320 recently where instead of reading the manual demo script an audio announcement was played which talked about “portable telephones” being switched off. Just struck me as odd that these are still being used.
I’ve also heard this one. I think is also refers to ‘word processors’ being switched off. I think I read in here that these shouldn’t be used anymore.

i’ve heard quite a lot of bad / incoherent announcements recently, wrong type of life jackets (clip or double bow) referred to, ‘find the envelope in your headphone pack’ (on a short haul flight), ‘Please open your window blinds for landing in the event of emergency [full stop] Take nothing with you’ etc - it seems it must be easy to read the wrong one from the iPad when working on different aircraft types and both long and short haul routes. I actually think that an updated set of recorded announcements might be a good idea (like on CityFlyer) but I’m interested in what staff think of this.
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