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For those thinking of moving their reservations to National, keep in mind 2 things:

1) This situation seems very similar to what happened when Delta went from miles to essentially points. Everyone who could switched their loyalty to American. American was happy to benefit, until they, too, transformed to a revenue-based system a year later. Now, many people make flight purchases based almost entirely on cost.

2) In another thread, it was mentioned that Enterprise is thinking about getting rid of National free days based on number of rentals, and substituting a points system, across all 3 brands. As usual, earn based on how much you spend, redeem based on how much it costs, means you'll never get good value, so don't bother paying anything extra than the lowest competitor. With Hertz's rewards system becoming nearly useless, and Avis' already there, it wouldn't surprise me if National becomes like American: short term opportunist. Tell me at this time next year who you primarily rent from, if anyone.
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