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Originally Posted by nsx View Post
Yes, but millions of people would sign up to die for $10 million to their families.
Doubtful, both for one person or for the "millions" you envision.

I wouldn't, but if my flight crashes I'd prefer my family to collect $10 million from it. So I'd choose the MAX8 with the free insurance.
Bully for you. I think you're projecting just a little too much.

Life has different value to different people. Consider the number of people who signed up for a one-way mission to Mars. Your life is worth as little as a handful of dollars to an armed robber, up to tens of thousands to a contract killer. $10 million is more than your family would get from a typical plane crash lawsuit.
Comparisons to one-way trips to Mars are about as non sequitur as one can get.
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