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Originally Posted by aju View Post
Hmm, your experience doesn't reflect mine the last year. I've had three intra-europe Plus flights and have been:
  • Tablecloth: 2 of 3 flights
  • Proper glassware: 3 of 3 flights
  • Box of chocolates: 3 of 3
  • Hot towel: 2 of 3 flights
I think the differences are:
Short flight, up to 60mins like CPH-HAM or CPH-HAJ -> almost no service
Short Medium flight, 60 - 80mins like CPH-MUC -> basic service, at least they usually give out glassware
Medium to long flights, 90-120 mins and longer -> decent service with table cloth, hot towles, glassware etc

In general the intra-Scandinavian flights including Finland, Northern Germany, Poland and the Baltic region always are poorly catered. But most of them would end in the short to short/medium bucket.
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