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I hope Marriott is doing more than just assuming the availability of a video training (or iPad) is enough. Because obviously I was not alone getting in situation being confronted to employees or franchisees that have been ‘trained’ and still not getting it.

To use the analogy of Boeing training MAX pilots with an hour iPad session, it didn’t make them experts on the MCAS if there was no clear mention of the existence of this component nor clear information on how to handle the various specifics situations that can happen.

Therefore In my opinion it is the responsibility of Marriott not only to provide training, but also to have quality controls that confirms the training works, that people can acquire the right level of knowledge, and if employees or franchisees not proven to be at the level of knowledge they should then to have a process to address the gaps and keep improving. I hope they do, if not Then Marriott is really playing with its brand image on the long run.

To the Boeing MAX analogy, many might prefer avoiding flying that plane in the future when possible. I see lots of brand damage possible for Marriott if the ‘training’ doesn’t produce any quality outcomes (people doing the training but still being confused) or lack of quality controls (people following the training but deciding not to apply the learnings) for whatever reasons).

I would hope Marriott to be aware of the noise in the social media and hopeful they’ll take actions to fix what need to be fixed. Poor quality or Arrogance never pays off in the long run. Marriott is still my preferred hotel brand and I love staying there when everything is done right, but lately there as been a number of times I opted staying elsewhere for things as stupid as not even being able to make a reservation on their web site (our servers are down). So I am not as loyal to the Marriott brand I used to. Similarly to the fact some airlines might gets more airbus planes in their fleets while the timing is not right acquiring more MAX.

Dont get me wrong. I am not .....ing Marriott. At the end of the day they run a business and they are free to make all the strategic directions they want. As a customer I too have the freedom to spend my dollars where I want too and maybe it is not that always the best staying loyal to only one brand. Try different ones one in a while to assess how much better or worst the others are doing.. you can always ask for a status challenge so you can compare apples with Apple (or the quality of the peeks at a similar level) I would encourage you doing so.

This said.. as a stockholder of few Marriott stocks I have passed a sell order. The stock has been doing well but I am not too confident with all these never ending IT problems, and people whining on bonvoyed these can go without long term impacts. I was stunned seeing a lady crying last week in New York because nobody could find her reservation in the system...
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