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Originally Posted by curranch90 View Post
Admirals club agents were not able to help. Had to wait for agents at the gate to show up (an extra hour wait due to the delay) and agents at other gates wouldn't help.

Took them about 15 minutes to figure it out, but we finally have seats on our boarding passes! Two people have never been so happy to have seats on the same flight/class they originally paid for!
Wow, didn’t actually expect that it would be that difficult to get your damn boarding passes! I can’t quite figure out what they needed to “figure out”— although something that was said to me earlier -might- explain it— I have to go back and look at the message from this morning-- something about "the sequence" or something.

Originally Posted by curranch90 View Post
...I also dont think this was a "storm in a tea cup".
Of course it wasn’t— this was a close one. And what an utterly trite, hackneyed expression anyway

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..If someone knows JonNYC personally, please buy him a drink or 3 and let me know where to Venmo you!
That’s the beauty, no one does

Was purely my pleasure anyway, as a guy who helped a bit said "hey, they're fellow Michiganders!"
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