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And what makes you think MAR isn't doing what you suggest? I actually do put more of this on the franchisees & not as much on MAR.

I've got a friend who works for a franchisee. He has done the video training (and indulges me every time I ask him questions that come up on FT, as long as it doesn't violate company private info). His fellow FDCs haven't done the same. They're paid $10/hour. They know the basic titles of elites, but they've not delved into all the details. Odds are at $10/hour they don't really care that much. And its not like they're getting dinged by the franchise company for not doing it. My guess is the managers would get dinged by MAR if they didn't do the training (which means no excuse for them), but FDC - that could go either way.

FWIW - I'm Lifetime Titanium & even I don't care that much on some of the bennies. Some of my fellow FTers are way more anal on the bennies/care more than I do & that's fine. But to me it's not the be all/end all. At the end of the day it's literally just a hotel program & my life will not be ruined if not all bennies are provided. OVMV.


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