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FB Plat vs Gold for paid upgrades

Hi all!

I am currently FB Gold with around 200 XP. I am trying to think whether I should push and get the Platinum card or whether it doesn't bring too much benefit over what I have right now and it will be just a constant headache to qualify every year. In particular I was thinking about upgrading my FB Amex card from Gold to Plat and getting 60 XP + I am also scheduled to have one more flight across Atlantic in PE, which will bring 48 XP. All in all it will give me FB Platinum. I saw the previous topic about Gold vs Platinum, but I wanted to ask in particular about paid upgrades possibility with Gold and Platinum and thus whether it makes sense to get Platinum or not.

About the way I fly: based in Paris and will be spending half time in DTW starting from next year. Usually fly across Atlantic with AF (sometimes KLM) around 4 times per year in PE + some small flights within EU. I usually call FB to get a paid upgrade to business class well in advance before the flight or try to get upgrades at the checkin. These are always paid upgrades (with miles or money). My wife is also a FB member (Silver), and getting Platinum Amex would bring a bonus of getting Platinum for her (if I get Platinum myself).

The question is: how different are the possibilities for upgrades (paid) from PE to business for Platinum vs Gold FB members?

Many thanks in advance for your answers!
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