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Originally Posted by ILuvParis View Post
Good luck with that. If I remember correctly, the full breakfast here was 50 per person (granted, a couple of years ago). One of the reasons Globalist was worth it. I do seem to recall 50% discounts on some occasions in the past. They used to have a pastry basket (which was great) and coffee that was a somewhat reasonable alternative. For something substantial, you'll save a lot by going to one of the nearby cafes. One trip, we made it our mission to see if the NYT or Conde Nast (not sure which it was) was correct and tried to find the best croissants in Paris.
Still 50. The pastries are still good - I mainly stuck to those and the sliced meats. We tried the pain perdu due to a review up thread, and it's tasty if you are typically a fan of pain perdu.

The cooked eggs outside of poached were disappointing. The scrambled eggs were pretty hard, reminiscent of the powdered/steamed eggs in a HP, and over-easy eggs arrived over-hard. We ended up primarily ordering eggs benedict. I would not have shelled out 50 per person each day on a leisure trip if breakfast wasn't included for us.
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