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Originally Posted by Sophoclefr View Post
Thanks for the detailed feedback about Pur'. Will think again about dining there tonight. Maybe the best option if allowed would be to just take a main course a la carte and the cheese?

Agree regarding the staff lost about the 20% voucher:
  • 1st time last week: nothing said at check in, showed it when asking for the bill at the bar, had a look at it but didn't take it, applied the discount and told me I didn't need to do anything it would have been deducted at check out anyway (like free breakfast)
  • 2nd time last weekend: nothing said at check in so trusted the bar manager, didn't show anything but it was not deducted at check out (was after I asked for it of course)
  • 3rd time yesterday: I asked at check in, they said just need to show it when asking for the bill but keep it for all stay. When asking for the bill at the bar the waiter applied the discount but requested to keep it...so will go to reception to ask for a new one tonight???

If you are a cheese fan, then yes! I think a main course followed by the cheese trolley would be a delightful way to go -- perhaps order a cocktail or a glass of champagne when you sit down to have with the amuse bouche etc., and then a glass of wine with the main. If you like port, ask about the dessert wine from Cyprus, they gave it to us with the cheese course and we thought it was very smooth and clean and complemented the cheeses perfectly.

As for whether it's allowed, I don't think anything reasonable is disallowed so long as you are willing to pay the appointed price -- this hotel seemed to get that part of the 5* treatment right, as far as I could tell.

Also, at checkout, the agent proactively checked each tab to make sure I had received the 20% discount (even after I assured him that I had). So perhaps, if you wanted, you could skip the whole "flash the voucher" charade and just wait until checkout to ask for the discount. (Personally, I found it strange that they didn't attach it to the room number and do it automatically, or have the hosts ask your room number when you sit down... although presumably they avoid doing that because of the number of non-hotel guests they seem to get.)
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