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Originally Posted by C17PSGR View Post
I took a look at the load on PHL-EDI flight tomorrow.

It is full in coach and oversold by two in biz. (171 seats available/173 confirmed)

On the other hand, PHL-MAN has 11 open seats in biz.

Not sure whether you are checking a bag or not -- or how flexible/low stress you are.

If it was me, I'd go with carry on, wait till I got to PHL and deal with it. I'd then go to the Admirals Club and ask them if there are going to be any misconnects that will open up seats.

It seems to me someone will be willing to put you on the Manchester flight and give you something in exchange for it. Thinking that's more likely to be the gate agent than the AC, although the AC will have been information on availability. For 20000 miles for the two of you, I'd go to Manchester and take the train to Edinburgh. Its "quite pleasant" to sit on the train with tea going through the English and Scottish coujntryside.

Not sure the best way to negotiate that though.
Would you say that's true given it's a PHL gate agent? I don't know about you, but my experience with PHL gate agents (particularly in stressful situations) has not been especially pleasant. The AC staff, in my opinion, are much more helpful.

But overall, definitely worth trying multiple people until you get an answer with which you're satisfied.
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